Your contact partners

If you have any questions, the Sprecher-Unit is at your disposal:


Dear physicist,

after three semesters with nearly online-only, the current semester should be a lot more normal, but still with some limitations. In case of questions or other things, you can contact us using our online-form and we try to help asap. Here are some more informations:


The faculty informs on its homepage (german) about the procedure for attending lectures during the summer semester. You have to register for all courses to get the informations needed.

Faculty meetings

The FSR-meetings are in presence again. We meet every tuesday at 18:30 in 46-215. The contact tracking is done using "Intake" and all participants have to confirm their "3G"-status. You can get the hygiene plan from us if needed, it is equivalent to the one for the lectures using enough space between seats.

(Digital) student council

The student council bureau (46-352) is opened again with minor limitations, also using Intake for contact tracking. At the moment, 6 persons at a time are allowed in there. The sale of beverages, snacks and office-stuff is possible again.

Additionally we created a discord server to support the social interaction. With this access link you can join the server:

Access to the server is voluntary and no important information is given that you can not find elsewhere. Discord is a thirdpartyservice provider. When you join you agree to the Discord privacypolicy.

Cultural events

Those are also possible mostly in presence. Concrete informations come with the invitations.

Freshmen events

Finally, also those events were possible mostly in presence. Please check the Freshmen-Website for more information.