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Postal vote

As every year, a new student council (FSR) is elected at the beginning of the winter semester, which represents the interests of the students on a voluntary basis. Since the election process cannot take place in person during the plenary assembly as usual, this time the election is by postal vote. There are some deadlines and dates to consider:

In order to be able to vote successfully you have to register in advance by 3 p.m. on 7th December 2020 (for example in the OLAT Forum! Thereupon the documents will be sent and by the deadline on 12/15/2010 at 3 p.m. the election documents must be returned to the electoral committee.

If you would like to be nominated as a member of the FSR or if you would like to propose someone, you can do so until 3 p.m. on 30th November 2020 (for example in the OLAT Forum). Until this time the electoral register of those entitled to vote can also be viewed.

Your vote counts!

All further information can be found in the official election announcement on the German page.

Important: The elections only concern a membership in the FSR, no offices and departments are filled yet. This will only happen at the constituent meeting after the FSR elections are over.

On 1st December 2020 there will be a digital plenary meeting where the candidates can introduce themselves. Information and the invitation will be announced later.

We wish successful elections and an active participation in the elections,

Tatjana Grün, Fritz Schnur and Mathis Petri, your election committee

Official Wahlbekanntmachung (german) as pdf

Wahlniederschrift (german) as pdf