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Freshman (winter semester/beginning: October)

Hello freshman,

here you should find all the important information you need before you start your studies.

During the freshmen events we will give you all other important information. Of course you can always ask us your questions.

We would be happy if you would come to our Welcome Breakfast on the first day. And also if you would participate in our other events.

In addition, events will be organized for you by the Department of Physics. Further information can be foundhere. Representatives of us will also be present there.

If you have any further questions beforehand, we will be happy to answer them. Simply write an e-mail using the contact form on this page.

See you then,

Your Erstsemester-Referat

The following information may be out of date. You may find more up-to-date information on the German page.

Freshman events for the winter semester 2018/2019

The Mathematics Preliminary Course will take place from 01.04.2019 to 11.04.2019.

With the exception of 01.10.2019, the following schedule always applies:

Uhrzeit Veranstaltung Treffpunkt
09:00 - 10:00 Frühstück 46-387/388
10:00 - 12:00 Mathe Vorkurs - Vorlesung 46-270
13:00 - 16:00 Mathe Vorkurs - Übung 46-270/576

The arrangements for the first day and the list of our additional events are here:

Datum Uhrzeit Veranstaltung Treffpunkt
01.10.18 08:00 Willkommens-Frühstück 46-387/388
01.10.18 09:10 Offizielle Begrüßung durch die TU 46-387/388
01.10.18 anschließend Mathe Vorkurs - Vorlesung 46-270
01.10.18 12:00 Campusführung 46-270
01.10.18 14:00 - 17:00 Mathe Vorkurs - Übung 46-270/576
01.10.18 17:10 Führung durch den Unisport 46-352
02.10.18 17:00 Stadtrallye 46-387/388
04.10.18 19:00 Nachbrenner (mit den Elektrotechnikern) 46-352 oder im Nachbrenner (Keller Bau 11)
08.10.18 19:00 Cocktailabend (mit den Elektrotechnikern) 46-352 oder im Nachbrenner (Keller Bau 11)
09.10.19 17:00 Escape Room 46-387/388
10.10.18 17:00 Turmbau zu Lautern ​46-387/388
11.10.18 18:00 Spieleabend 46-387/388
12.10.18 09:00 - 10:00 Frühstück 46-387/388
12.10.18 10:00 - 12:00 Mathe Vorkurs - Vorlesung 46-270
15.10.18 17:00 Filmeabend 46-387/388
16.10.18 17:30 Start der Kneipentour 46-352
16.10.18 18:00 Brauhausbesuch bei der Kneipentour vor der Stiftskirche
16.10.18 20:00 Kneipentour - nur der Besuch der Kneipen vor dem Brauhaus
17.10.18 siehe unten Anreise Weidenthal siehe unten
18.10.18 Aufenthalt in Weidenthal
19.10.18 Abreise Weidenthal
19.10.18 13:00 - 17:00 Infoveranstaltung für Lehramt Studierende 42-110
22.10.18 17:30 Glühweinwanderung zum Humbergturm 46-352
23.10.18 11:45 Begrüßung durch den Fachbereich Physik 46-387/388
25.10.18 08:45 - 09:45 Infoveranstaltung für die Prüfungsverordnung Bachelor/Diplom Physik 46-323
06.11.18 08:45 - 09:45 Infoveranstaltung für die Prüfungsverordnung Bachelor Techno-/Biophysik 46-323

Here we may add more events in the next weeks or change dates slightly.


Note: We will also discuss the timetables in Weidenthal and until 22.10.18 you won't have to know exactly what your timetable looks like.

Slides of the information events

Here are two of the lectures held this year in Weidenthal:

For those interested there is also a lecture about the TUK committees:

First semester trip to Weidenthal

In the preliminary course we will tell you all this again, so that you still have some time until you have to make a final decision. Nevertheless here already in advance.

Between the compact mathematics course and the start of lectures, the physics student council offers a three-day trip to the youth hostel in Weidenthal (Am Weiher 47, 67475 Weidenthal) in the winter semester. There you have the opportunity to get to know your fellow students and the student representatives. You will also get all the important information about the start of your studies.


For the 2 overnight stays and full board we ask for a contribution towards expenses of 25€.

To participate, we need a registration (by e-mail, fax, post or personally) and transfer the fee to our account.

Proprietor: Fachschaft Physik

Account No.: 112 014 287
CODE.: 540 501 10

IBAN: DE83 5405 0110 0112 0142 87

Bank: Stadtsparkasse Kaiserslautern

Please enter your name, first name and "Weidenthal" in the "Verwendungszweck" field.

The rough timetable for this trip is:

Tag Uhrzeit Veranstaltung Treffpunkt
Mi, 17.10.18 15:00 Anreise mit dem Zug 46-352
11:30 Anreise mit der Wanderung 46-352
19:00 Abendessen Hauptraum
Do, 18.10.18 09:00 Frühstück
10:00 KIS - Vortrag
10:30 Infoverträge zu den verschiedenen Studiengängen
12:30 Mittagessen
13:30 jDPG
14:30 RHRK-Vortrag
15:00 Professorenvorträge
16:00 Kaffee und Kuchen
18:00 Abendessen
19:00 freie Abendgestaltung
Fr, 19.10.18 08:00 Frühstück
09:30 Abreise Weidenthal
10:31 Ankunft Kaiserslautern Hauptbahnhof
10:45 Ankunft Fachschaft

Study instructions

Here are all the module guide books for the subjects..

The most interesting one for you is the study guide:

Study Guide Physics

Study guide Techno-/Biophysik

Online Math Bridge Course

The Department of Mathematics offers an online math bridge course to prepare students for their studies. There you can check your level of knowledge of school mathematics and close existing gaps individually. In addition to the learning units and tests with solutions, there is also the possibility to ask questions directly to the OMB-tutors.

Frequently asked first semester questions

Here is our FAQ