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If you have any questions, the Biophysik-Unit is at your disposal:


Biophysicists' dinner

At the beginning of the semester the biophysicist dinner takes place. Biophysicists from different semesters meet there to exchange ideas. There will also be a small lecture with study information.

Examination office

For all exams you have to register at the central examination office. Wolfram Schubert and Alena Losing are responsible for the biophysicists. Both can be found from Mon-Fri 10am-12am and Wed 2pm-4pm in the “tin can” in room 47-314.
Before the first exam you should register in time, as your exam file has yet to be created. You will need a passport photo, a resume and an (uncertified) copy of your high school degree. After that you can register or cancel your registration for the exams up to 2 weeks before the exam.
Successful registrations and your grades can be viewed via the self-service function of the Central Examination Office (only accessible via the university network or via VPN).
For the chemistry exams and the chemistry internships you may have to register additionally at the examination administration of the chemistry department.

Examination regulations

For all those who like to read paragraphs there are the Diploma Examination Regulations and the Study Regulations.

For all others there is an overview of the lectures to be listened to in chapter 5 of the study guide.


Timetables can be found in the Kis. After the selection of the current semester, the Biophysics course is registered under the subject areas Biology, Chemistry and Physics (in each case the entry Biophysics Diploma). Some lectures are unfortunately only listed under one of the three faculties.
A timetable for the first semester Biophysics can also be found on the first semester subpage.

Ein Stundenplan fürs erste Semester Biophysik befindet sich außerdem auf der Erstsemester-Unterseite.

General and current information

Here you can find general information on the biophysics course of studies

Current information, e.g. on the biophysical colloquium, can be found at


General questions can be found in the FAQ

For further questions please contact the biophysicist department personally or by mail (see contact).

Mailing list

Important information is sent around on the biophysicists mailing list. All biophysicists are asked to subscribe to the mailing list.