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Examination regulations - Diploma of physics

For whom does the Diploma Examination regulations (DPO) count for?

The new DPO is legally binding. The changes to the old DPO have been published in the State Gazette for Rhineland-Palatinate and apply to all students of physics who enrolled for or after the winter semester 2011/2012. All students who enrolled before winter semester 11/12 remain in the old DPO. In the main study period the same rules apply as in the undergraduate study period.

What has changed in the new DPO?

On the 20th of July 2011 there was an information event on the current draft of the new DPO. In the slides the changes can be read (only accessible from the university network): Slides of the information meeting): Slides of the information meeting

Where can I view the new DPO?

The examination regulations can be viewed on the website of the Faculty of Physics and on the website of the university administration. Only the new DPO is available on the administration page. The old DPO should continue to be available on the faculty's page.

Where can I see the old DPO?

The old examination regulations can be found here