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The elections to the student parliament and the student representatives in the Senate and the faculty councils will take place on the 29th and 30th January 2019 in room 46-225. The polling station is open from 09:00 to 15:00.
Below you will find information on the three elections.

Faculty Council (FBR)

This is the highest body of the department.
All decisions concerning the department are made here:
the election of the Dean, personnel matters, changes to studies and examination regulations and much more.
In addition, the faculty council also appoints all other commissions and committees of the faculty.
A total of ten professors, four students and three staff members are represented
with voting rights in the faculty council.

All students of the Faculty of Physics are entitled to vote, i.e. physics, biophysics, teaching
(first subject physics), PhD students.

Up to eight persons (four members + four successors) are elected. Every student of the Faculty of Physics
can be elected, as there is only one list of nominations. However, you can also enter other persons
to whom you would like to give a vote. In total, no more than eight votes may be cast
(i.e. crosses and added names), otherwise the ballot paper is invalid.

The following persons are eligible on the submitted list:

  • Agnes Koerfer
  • Viviane Bauer
  • Niklas Berger
  • Pascale Klaeger
  • Patrick Mischke
  • Markus Ühlein
  • Silvia Hiebel
  • Maximilian Kiefer-Emmanouilidis


The senate is the highest university-wide body through which all important decisions concerning our
university are made. Its members are the university president, professors from all faculties,
staff and four students.

Only one proposal was submitted for the senate election, so that a majority vote is required and
additional persons can be written on the ballot paper.

On the submitted list "2 mal mit Profs", the following persons are eligible to vote:

  • Meiko Volz (Faculty of Mathematics)
  • Kathrin Thomas (Faculty of Computer Science)
  • Rutger Kuwertz (Faculty of Physics)
  • Lara Schu (Faculty of Computer Science)
  • Jerome Schalk (Faculty of Computer Science)
  • Raphael Petrikat (Faculty of Chemistry)

Student Parliament (StuPa)

The student parliament is the decision-making body of the student community.
It elects and controls the AStA advisors (AStA stands for General Student Committee), approves
the budget and adopts programmatic guidelines. It consists of 13 directly elected members.

It is elected by proportional representation. Here either lists can be chosen or up to 13 votes
can be given to persons, who are on the paper. Accumulation (up to three votes per person) and
panache (tick people from different election proposals) are allowed.

The following are available:

Wahlvorschlag Nr. 1: Um die Ecke gedacht
# Name Department
1 Erik Wagner Engineering and Information Technology
2 Jakob Herz Physics
3 Timon Richter Computer Science
4 Conrad Ball Physics
Wahlvorschlag Nr. 2: Rosa Liste
# Name Department
1 Maximilian Müller Biologie
2 Jonas Kirch Raum- und Umweltplanung
3 Lukas Löchel Social Sciences
4 Tim Kohnle Mathematics
Wahlvorschlag Nr. 3: Die LISTE
# Name Department
1 Jannik Wittmann Civil Engineering
2 Richard Herz Economic Sciences
Wahlvorschlag Nr. 4: warum TU ich mir das an?
# Name Department
1 Jérôme Schalk Computer Science
2 Mathis Petri Social Sciences
3 Lara Schu Computer Science
4 Maximilian Kunz Computer Science
5 Joshua Koch Computer Science
6 Janik Westers Computer Science
7 André Pöbel Civil Engineering
8 Hauke Schäfer Physics

Further information can be found on the website of the AStA (StuPa) and the University (FBR und Senate).